Keeping key workers in the spotlight

TAP (Thank & Praise) is a digital thanking platform for key workers which thrived during the pandemic due to the goodwill of people nationwide. Every nurse, doctor, policeman and teacher deserved to know they were valued during the nation’s toughest time. TAP was the platform that made that possible.

Thanking the nation’s heroes on TV

Thanks to a Sky Adsmarts SME 100 scheme, TAP held free media on Sky channels to thank key workers nationwide. We were tasked with creating an integrated campaign covering TV & Social to drive traffic to their site. The TV ad resulted in 13.4 TVRs (an over delivery of 26%) and 4.5 million people saw the campaign (3% more than benchmarked). The campaign on the whole resulted in a 144% increase in web traffic and a 51% increase in people registering for the service.

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°Small World offered their services at a time of need helping us tell a very important message and promote a platform that was vital to spreading goodwill during the nation’s darkest hour. We were very impressed by the simple brilliance of the creative and the speed with which it was delivered considering all the specialists involved.

Patrick Melville, Media Director